Unveiling Miura's 2024 Golf Bag Collection


Step up to the tee box in style with Miura's latest offering: a meticulously crafted lineup of golf bags for 2024. Embodying the brand's commitment to excellence, these bags seamlessly blend luxury aesthetics with cutting-edge performance features, promising golfers an unparalleled experience on the course.

Player IV Pro Stand Bag

 Fairway Green

Introducing the Miura Golf Player IV Pro Stand Bag – working in tandem with VESSEL, these new stand bags are crafted for discerning golfers who value both performance and style.


Style Meets Functionality

Featuring elegant "Boro" stitching inspired by Japanese quilting, this bag isn't just about looks. It's loaded with innovative features like a spacious 9.5” top with dividers, convenient magnetic pocket, and ample storage for drinks and gear – all designed to make your golfing experience smoother.


Luxury and Longevity

Made from top-notch materials like synthetic leather with genuine leather accents, this bag not only looks luxurious but is built to last. With added perks like antimicrobial lining and microfiber dividers, it's the ideal choice for golfers who want nothing but the best on the course.


VLS Lux Stand Bag

Sea Blue

Introducing the Miura Golf VLS Lux Stand Bag – a blend of lightweight luxury and functionality. Crafted with tour-grade synthetic leather and genuine leather accents, it exudes premium quality. Inspired by Japanese Boro quilting, the elegant stitching on its main pockets adds a touch of sophistication. Weighing just 4.9 lbs, it offers easy portability with a 4-way top and full-length dividers for club organization. Featuring upgraded carry system and patented rotator technology, it ensures comfort on the course. With six strategically placed pockets and velour-lined dividers, it provides ample storage and club protection. The bag also includes antimicrobial lining in the personals pocket and genuine leather zipper pulls for added durability and style.

Special Edition Versions

Special Edition

Miura's special edition versions of the Stand IV Pro and VLS Lux Bag showcase the Hanko stamp, a bold red seal reminiscent of Miura-san's personal approval seen on the KM-700 and AS-1 Irons. Just like the navy blue and red colors on these bags, inspired by the aprons worn by Miura Craftsman in Japan, add a touch of authenticity. This unique addition brings extra style to these bags, showing Miura's commitment to quality and craftsmanship..


Miura's 2024 golf bag collection stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. With the Player IV Pro Stand Bag and VLS Lux Stand Bag, golfers are offered not only luxurious designs but also top-tier functionality tailored to enhance their on-course experience. From the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail to the incorporation of innovative features such as the "Boro" stitching and Hanko stamp, each bag reflects Miura's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Whether navigating the fairways with the Player IV Pro or enjoying the lightweight luxury of the VLS Lux, golfers can trust in Miura to deliver unparalleled style, performance, and durability with every swing. Each option, apart from the special edition, is offered in six vibrant colors: Black, White, Dark Grey, Sea Blue, Gold, and Fairway Green.

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