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Who Is Katsuhiro Miura?

Katsuhiro Miura, our founder, and namesake, is the creator and innovator of our one of a kind clubs. In 1958, Miura stumbled into his passion for club making when he...

Katsuhiro Miura, our founder, and namesake, is the creator and innovator of our one of a kind clubs. In 1958, Miura stumbled into his passion for club making when he worked for Morita Golf. This experience provided vital insights into the process of manufacturing golf clubs: specifically, how to grind and adjust irons. He learned by doing and watching the others at the factory. A critical part of club forging is the iron itself.

Miura-san’s experience at Kojima Iron Works Co. provided him with the knowledge on how to process metals. He spent ten years at Kojima, then transferred to the Kyoei Golf Industry Co. where his acquired knowledge in metals and club manufacturing inspired him to learn about expert forging techniques. These various techniques contribute to a club’s performance and feel, and Miura-san, fascinated by the process and the power of forging, committed the next seven years of his life to refine his craft and becoming the best iron forger in the history of golf club manufacturing.

In 1977, Miura-san officially established his business: Miura Giken. Employing his natural charisma and strong interpersonal skills, he forged relationships with other Japanese manufacturers with the same precision and talent with which he forged his signature clubs! Equipment companies flocked to Miura-san as news of the quality of his club heads spread. These relationships enabled him to subcontract for other equipment countries. While continuing for another 13 years to refine and better the forging process, Miura-san realized in 1990 that the current process cannot properly manipulate the grain structure of the club head and therefore was fundamentally flawed.

He suggested an alternative design approach to the forging company which was met with a prompt rejection, which propelled Miura-san into the biggest pivot of his life: creating proprietary machinery for the forging process to achieve the perfection he knew was possible for a club head.

In 1994, he created the first club head with the iconic Miura lettering. The proprietary process and design was a huge success and regarded as a critical factor for the success of the players who opted for the signature club. The business has grown exponentially since that fateful innovation under Miura-san’s leadership.

In 2004, he shifted the company’s business model to oversee the manufacturing and design of the Miura Giken brand and continue to grow the Miura brand. He made many trips to places such as North America, Hong Kong, and Europe to establish the Miura brand name beyond Japan, and building it to what it is today.

When Miura-san assumed the role of Chairman in 2010, his son Shinei was named the president of Miura Manufacturing.  Along with his brother Yoshitaka, the Miura company continue to set the bar with respect to the forging of golf clubs. Katsuhiro Miura continues to be involved in with all aspects of the business, passing along his years of experience, wisdom, and techniques to his employees. In fact, you can still find him occupying the #1 chair on the grinding line. It was Katsuhiro Miura’s commitment to excellence and precision that has positioned Miura as the frontrunner amongst all other clubs.


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