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The Miura Story: Why Family Business Matters

The Miura story starts back in 1957 with the vision of Katsuhiro Miura. His goal was to make an elegant and refined golf iron that was unlike anything else on...

The Miura story starts back in 1957 with the vision of Katsuhiro Miura. His goal was to make an elegant and refined golf iron that was unlike anything else on the market. He was more than successful. However, what is most impressive is the way that Miura has continued to grow and reach golfers all over the world. Many keys to success have helped Miura become the company it is today, but one of the most important is family.

Why Family Business Matters

How many can golf club manufacturers claim to be family owned and operated?

Where the owner or his sons will inspect and touch every single club that leaves the facility?

Very few.

When a Miura golf iron goes through the forging process and is ready to leave the doors, Miura-San, Shinei, or Yoshitaka have had some role in the creation of the club. Because when a club leaves the facility, it is not only a reflection of the Miura brand but also the Miura family.

A different level of pride is involved with creating a product directly tied to your family name. As your golf iron, wedge or putter is built, the goal is to create a feel like no other golf club in the industry can provide. This is difficult work.

In a family business, the participants have to be fully engaged and dedicated, and that is how the Miura family operates. With each person having their own place and everyone combining talent and knowledge to hold up the family name.

What Sets Miura Apart?

Although the feel of the Miura irons is always talked about as being the star feature of this club, the design cannot be overlooked. Designing a clubhead that stood out in 1957 but still resonates with golfers today is incredibly rare.

Miura-San focuses on both the golf iron's technical design and the transitional design. The technical design includes things like weight, size, center of gravity, and bounce. With tolerances of +/- .5g, you will find the Miura Pursuit of Perfection is alive and well.

Of course, this process is time-consuming, and the design process has been modified with technology and material changes through the years. However, these tolerances and discoveries in golf club manufacturing were all made without AI, something that all golfers should think about when looking for new golf clubs.

Final Thoughts

Miura never wanted to be the largest golf club manufacturer in the world. There was no push for mass distribution or a change in the model from hand-made to machine-made. The goal for Miura has been twofold. First, continue to create golf irons, wedges, and putters with the tightest tolerance and best feel in the game. Second, to honor the family name by bringing only the highest quality and most refined golf clubs to the market. Miura is evidence that when a family has a common goal and a pure vision, the business aspect falls perfectly into place.


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