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Why Feel Matters In Golf Irons

How many times have you heard a golfer say, "I just didn't like the feel." Feel is a term that we throw around in golf quite a bit, but it's...

How many times have you heard a golfer say, "I just didn't like the feel." Feel is a term that we throw around in golf quite a bit, but it's often a bit misunderstood by players. With modern launch monitors and technology, we can analyze more data parameters than ever before, yet feel is more personal. It's just different. With Miura irons being known for their feel, we thought it was important to fill you in on a little of why feel matters in golf irons and how it will impact your golf game.


What Is Feel In Golf?

Feel is essentially a golfer's experience when they make contact with the golf ball. The way the impact feels is determined by the vibration in the clubhead that travels up the shaft of the club, as well as the sound of the impact. Sound does play into feel.


Why Does Feel Matter In Golf Irons?

As golfers, we know that feel matters. In fact, as humans, we know that it matters. Don't you have a favorite pair of sneakers or a favorite baseball cap? Why do you love it so much? Chances are it's the feel.
The same exact thing can be said for a golf iron. It may sound funny, but a golf iron that has the proper feel for your game, or a "good" feel, improves overall performance, confidence, and workability.


Feel Encourages Better Feedback

You can learn from your shots when an iron has a great feel. Even if this means that hitting the center of the clubface is the only way you get a pure feel. Golfers learn by the interactions and experiences that they have at impact, and feel only improves these lessons.


Better Feel Provides More Control

If you are a player looking to control ball flight or launch, the iron's feel can help make this possible. A better feel in the clubhead gives you more control and allows you to make adjustments to your swing that impact performance.


Feel Can Increase Confidence

Just like those new sneakers that you can't wait to put on, a golf iron that has a great feel can boost your confidence and make you a better player. Standing over a golf ball, knowing that if you hit a great shot, it will have pure feel, is a tremendous reason to invest in golf irons that are known for feel.


Final Thoughts

Miura Irons are known for having the best feel in the game. Our unique forging process ensures that feel is never sacrificed in the shots that you are taking. Each set of Miuras, from the player's blades to the more forgiving game improvement irons, still keeps feel and golf ball and club face interaction at the forefront of their design. We know the importance of feel in the game of golf; it can't come as a secondary benefit of any golf iron you purchase. At Miura, we pride ourselves on the fact that our irons are known for their feel; after all, it's what golfers need the most.


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