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Why Do Miura Irons Feel So Pure?

Most golfers have to admit that when they hit a shot with a Miura iron, it just feels different. Miura irons feel pure, which has been the key factor to...

Most golfers have to admit that when they hit a shot with a Miura iron, it just feels different. Miura irons feel pure, which has been the key factor to set them apart from other manufacturers since 1957. Miura cares about the way that irons feel. Pure feel does not simply happen when manufacturing irons; it must be created. Let’s take a more in-depth look into how Miura has created a line of products that feel pure on each and every swing.

Why Miura Irons Feel So Pure

There are five fundamental reasons behind why Miura irons feel so pure. These include the selection of materials, the forging process, stamping, quality control, and the small company size. The hands on attention to detail of and by the Miura Craftsmen at every step in the process leads you to feel the Miura difference!

Selection of Materials

Miura irons are hand crafted with only the finest materials. Miura San is very selective in the materials that he starts with, as the result will be greatly impacted by the material choice. Expect the purest steel source from the best locations, and allow the Miura craftsman to work their magic.


The forgiving process from Miura is unlike any other in the industry. This process includes a triple forging process that creates an iron head that works as one perfect unit. If you have been around the game of golf for quite some time, you know the difference between forged and cast irons. However, this is another level of impressive feel that comes from a Miura forged as compared to other manufacturers.


The stamping process on the Miura irons includes marking the Miura logo, numbers, and scoring lines. The scoring lines must be very precise because of the USGA and R & A requirements. Miura takes time to ensure that the scoring lines are perfect and that the golf ball will respond accordingly.

Quality Control

No set of Miura golf irons leaves the facility without the proper checks. Miura has a long history in the industry, and it is a strong one. Letting products go out the door that are substandard is not an option. All irons, wedges, and putters are carefully monitored as they go through the manufacturing process and then again before they leave.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Large golf manufacturers may be able to push out a wide range of equipment and do it quickly, but with Miura being a smaller manufacturer, the attention to detail is second to none. Each individual set of golf clubs is handled with extreme care and precision, and it is shown in the performance when the clubs are in your hands.


When the Miura golf iron is described as having a pure feel that stands out from other irons, it's because they were created with technology, materials, and a manufacturing method that stands out from other manufacturers. If you have not tried a Miura iron, head over to your local True Spec to get a feel for it.


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