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What is SST Pure Alignment?

The term “pureing” has been around the game of golf for quite some time. Players will often say that they had their golf shaft pured, and what they are referring...

The term “pureing” has been around the game of golf for quite some time. Players will often say that they had their golf shaft pured, and what they are referring to is the SST Pure Shaft Analysis. The SST Pure process is well known across the industry and on the PGA Tour as the leader in shaft alignment technology. If you want to understand more about this process and whether or not it’s a good fit for you, let’s take a look at everything to know.

Benefits of SST Pure Shaft Alignment

The benefits of SST Pure shaft alignment are relatively straightforward. Golfers, regardless of their handicap level, should be able to . . .
  • Hit the ball longer
  • Hit straighter golf shots
  • Increase consistency of golf shots
The thought that all golf shafts are the same and the way they are installed in the club head is the same is incorrect. Golf shafts have an orientation, and sometimes that factory orientation costs you consistency in your game.

How Should A Shaft Be Installed?

The details and testing have shown us that when the stiffest part of the golf shaft is installed directly facing the target at setup, this stiff leading edge helps to create stability at impact. The differences here are not enough to make a golfer contemplate switching shaft flexes; simply an intricacy that impacts feel and performance at impact.

Many golfers feel that the golf clubs that are pured feel softer at impact, which likely has to do with a reduction in vibration.

Do PGA Tour Players Use SST Pure?

SST Shaft pureing is the standard for PGA Tour players. The technology has been around for close to 20 years, and the number of players finding this to be a benefit increases each week. Although the SST Pure technology can benefit any player, the PGA Tour golfers have more on the line when it comes to consistency or a missed shot.

The SST Pure Shaft Alignment does not stop on the PGA Tour; LPGA, Champions, and Korn Ferry players also use the SST Pure technology.

Is SST Pure Available In Older Golf Clubs?

The SST Pure Shaft Alignment is not just for new golf clubs; old golf clubs can be realigned and installed properly in the club head. However, when purchasing a new set of golf clubs, it makes sense to have the SST Pure done as the clubs are leaving the warehouse as opposed to having to pay for this service after the fact.


Hopefully, you now understand SST Pure Shaft Alignment and whether or not it would be a good fit for your golf game. In the end, the technology here can only help; it will not hurt. When purchasing golf irons as premium as Miura, take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the clubs you get will be as close to perfect as possible. With this technology available, there is no reason not to take advantage of it.


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