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What Golf Club Has The Tightest Tolerances In The Industry?

If you are in the market for a new set of golf clubs, you have likely heard the term manufacturing tolerance thrown around. This is a way that golf manufacturers...

If you are in the market for a new set of golf clubs, you have likely heard the term manufacturing tolerance thrown around. This is a way that golf manufacturers will indicate the quality of the golf club and something that many lower handicap players pay close attention to. If you are wondering a bit more about what it means to play with the golf clubs that have the tightest tolerance and who is the best in the industry, keep reading.

What Is Manufacturing Tolerance In Golf Clubs?

Manufacturing tolerance in a golf club is how much leeway a manufacturer gives a club in the manufacturing process. All golf manufacturers have ideal specifications they are trying to reach, but sometimes a range needs to be accepted.

Something like weight tolerance on a shaft could be plus or minus two grams. In addition, golf club length could be plus or minus an ⅛ of an inch. The manufacturing tolerances keep the club within the USGA standards and as close to the original performance metrics that the company developed.

Why Miura Has Such Tight Tolerances

Miura golf clubs have the tightest tolerances in the golf club industry. A good reason behind this is the amount of the manufacturing process done by hand. The golf clubs are made extremely carefully through a slightly longer production period. When the club eventually makes it out of the facility, it has gone through some of the most specific checks and balances that we see in the golf industry. Here are a few reasons why Miura has such tight tolerances.

Japanese Golf Club Manufacturing

Golf club manufacturing in Japan is known for being of higher quality. The forgiving systems used in Japan, as well as the access to high-quality material, really set this apart as a location to look for premium golf irons.

Quality Control Checks

Miura has a long list of quality control checks that are done on every set of irons, wedges, and even the putters. Before a golf club leaves the facility, Miura is confident that it was manufactured under the tightest tolerances and will deliver the highest levels of performance to the end user.

Family Name and History

Miura has a very strong history as well as a reputation in the industry. This is still a family-owned business committed to making the best golf equipment in the game. The fact that clubs are still not mass-produced and the forging process is so unique motivates Miura to only put out the best golf clubs in the industry.


The tightest tolerances in the game of golf lead to the golf equipment with the most consistency, performance, and feel. For players that have been looking for a set of irons, or even a new wedge that you can trust is the best it can be, Miura is a great brand to consider. Once you start playing with Miura golf clubs, it becomes easy to see why tighter manufacturing tolerances matter.


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