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The KM3 Putter: Overview, Features and Benefits

With the early success of the Miura KM1 and KM2, it was time to expand and bring the KM3 to market. At Miura, we pride ourselves in creating golf clubs...

With the early success of the Miura KM1 and KM2, it was time to expand and bring the KM3 to market. At Miura, we pride ourselves in creating golf clubs with the best feel and precision on the market. Where is this feel and precision the most important? On the putting green. The KM3 putter release continues to make Miura a complete solution for your golf game, covering everything from the approach shot to the birdie putt. Here are the details you will want to know about the Miura KM3 putter and what it brings to the market.

Miura KM3 Putter Features and Benefits

The Miura KM3 putter is a classic blade-style putter design made from Japanese Stainless Steel. This is a fully milled putter with great attention paid to detail and precision in the club head.

Highest Quality Materials

The Miura KM3 is made with 303 Japanese Stainless Steel. This material is specifically sourced to ensure the highest quality and feel in the KM3 putters. The consistency coming off the face directly results from using only the best material in the game.

Custom Fitting

The Miura KM3 putter has several options for custom fitting. The stock shaft and stock Cabretta leather grip will remain standard. However, you can choose a loft, lie, and playing length that works for your game. The playing length of the putter ranges from 32 to 36 inches, capable of accommodating a golfer of almost any height.

Rounded Off Look

The Miura KM3 features a rounded-off look that helps players look for stability and consistency in their putting stroke. If you like a softer and more traditional blade style, the body of the putter will appeal to you. In addition, the CNC milling ensures a very stable impact with no vibration in the club head.

Old School Look

One of the more unique features of the KM3 putter is the retro log in the cavity of the Miura KM3. Several new releases in the Miura line pay tribute to the impressive history and accomplishments of the Miura factory. Since 1957 Miura has taken golf club manufacturing to another level, and more and more players are starting to see this impact in their golf games.

The Flow Neck

What's unique to the KM3, compared to the other KM putters, is the flow neck which contains added toe hang to create lag and reduce face rotation through the stroke. Ultimately aiding to keep the face square at impact.

Attention To Detail

As with all clubs that leave the Miura factory, the attention to detail on the Miura KM3 is like nothing else on the market. You can rest assured that your KM3 putter has been manufactured in the hands of some of the most accomplished club builders in the game's history. No golf clubs leave the facility without a check for perfection.


We hope you now understand the KM3 putter a bit better and can decide if this is a solution for your golf game. With the classic blade style design, this is a perfect putter for a golfer that likes to keep things simple and ensure a pure stroke with a premium feel. Miura KM3 putters feature the iconic logo to bring us back to the Miura roots and what originally set this company apart.


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