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Miura Visors

If you are a loyal supporter of the Miura brand, you know that we care about our accessories and gear just as much as the golf clubs we put on...

If you are a loyal supporter of the Miura brand, you know that we care about our accessories and gear just as much as the golf clubs we put on the market. The Miura hats are quite popular and come in a variety of styles and designs. However, golf hats are not for everyone. The visor is a lightweight and cooler option, and it will help those that don’t want a hat messing with their hair on the course. Let’s look at some of the most popular Miura visors and why they are enjoyed by Miura fans.

What Are The Benefits of A Golf Visor?

The golf visor tends to be lighter, a bit more relaxed fitting, and it will not destroy hair quite like a hat will. Many golfers find the visor to give just enough protection from the sun in the front without feeling bulky or heavy as they play the game. Of course, you will still need to add some sun protection for the top of your head, but a golf visor will help keep you looking and feeling good on the course.

Miura Golf Visor’s

There are four Miura golf visors on the market currently in white, black, blue, and white. Each of these has a slightly different logo and style.

M Logo Tour Visor

The M Logo Tour Visor has the classic “M” Miura logo. This is a Tour Visor, so it has a slightly higher finish in the front, and it is available in white, black, or navy. The M Logo Tour Visor has an adjustable closure to accommodate any size head and a sweatband inside to keep you dry as you play.

Miura Lock Up Tour Visor

The Miura Lock Up Tour Visor is made by Imperial and has the Miura name in both English and Japanese across the top of the visor. Again this is a taller visor with a clean and minimalistic look. Expect the adjustable closure to fit any golfer.

Blade Tour Visor

The Blade Tour Visor has the Miura logo and the blade design on the front of the visor front. On the side of the hat, expect to see the Miura “M.” This model is available in navy, white or black.

Samurai Tour Visor

The Samurai Tour Visor rounds out the collection of Miura visors. This is another option for those that are interested in a unique tour-style golf visor. The iconic crossed swords on the front of the visor are perfectly paired with the Miura “M” and then the Miura full name on the right temple.

Final Thoughts

Each of the Miura visors offers a unique look that will help you showcase the Miura irons that you are carrying in your bag. Whether you like the full-text logo or something a little more understated, there are options in this lineup that can work for your style. The Miura visors are only offered in limited quantities, so be sure to get the one you want while supplies last.


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