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Miura TC-201 vs. KM-700 (What Are The Differences?)

Anytime we bring a new golf iron into the lineup, golfers are curious as to what is different about the club. Does it have a unique characteristic, which player is...

Anytime we bring a new golf iron into the lineup, golfers are curious as to what is different about the club. Does it have a unique characteristic, which player is it for, how can it benefit a golfer that already has MIura clubs in the bag? The KM-700 was a new release in 2022, and many golfers are still asking about the differences between the TC-201 and the KM-700. Let’s have a look.

Differences Between TC-201 and KM-700

The Miura TC-201 and the KM-700 have some similarities when it comes to lies and lofts; there are a few distinct differences between these clubs that golfers should be aware of.

Size and Shape of The Club Head

The overall size of the KM-700 is longer than the TC-201. The slightly longer length comes from heel to toe, giving more room on the clubface. Longer heel-to-toe lengths tend to appeal towards the mid handicapped players.

Clubhead Offset

With Miura irons being very carefully designed to look and feel better than any other iron on the market, the offset is something we are sensitive about. The TC-201 and KM-700 have very little offset compared to the industry standard.

However, the KM-700 is more consistent in its offset throughout the entire set of irons. The TC-201 has more offset as you move from the pitching wedge to the 3 iron. The progression of offset found in the TC-201 is minimal and still appeals to the better player's eye at address.

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity in a golf iron will play into how forgiving the iron is. The TC-201 has a heel bias center of gravity that helps provide more workability to the better player. The KM-700 has a middle bias center of gravity.

We notice more forgiveness on off-center hits with the KM-700 than with the TC-201.

Player Profile

Miura irons can be played by any golfer as long as they find them to be a fit for their games. At Miura, we don’t like to put an iron into a specific handicap category as it feels limiting; different golfers look for different iron characteristics.

However, the KM-700 features the handiwork of Miura San, who spent five years designing and developing an iron that works with a player to square up at impact. The iron is capable of this because of the expert weight distribution within the club head. In addition, this weight distribution was combined with a revolutionary sole design to make the clubhead more stable. Any golfer can benefit from the KM-700, from low to high handicap players. The TC-201 does not feature this technology, making it a better choice for the better player. 


Final Thoughts

Sometimes it may seem as though the differences between the Miura irons are subtle, which is entirely true. Subtle differences are created when golf manufacturers pay attention to detail and work on perfecting the tools that golfers have in their golf bags. In addition, these subtle differences allow you, as the player, to find a set of clubs that is a perfect fit for your game.


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