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Miura Polos: Premium Quality, Impeccable Style

The Miura clothing is designed for golfers who demand just as much from their clothes as they do from their golf irons. If you care about how you look as...

The Miura clothing is designed for golfers who demand just as much from their clothes as they do from their golf irons. If you care about how you look as well as how you feel on the course, the Miura polos are built for you. There are currently three styles to choose from, with changes coming to the market quite often. Let’s take a closer look at the Miura polos, their benefits, and which could be the right choice for you.

Miura Golf Polos

Miura partnered with Black Quail on this line of golf shirts to ensure premium fabric and performance while still representing the Miura golf brand. With three popular designs, there is an option here for all golfers.

Miura Micro Print Polo

It’s ok to get a little bold out on the golf course. More and more players are looking for patterns to help them stand out and feel more like themselves as they play. This particular polo has a three button placket, UPF 30 protection, and a bit of spandex built in for some extra mobility and range of motion.

However, what makes the Miura Micro Print Polo stand out is the unique Miura logo and 1957. This is a shirt that other golfers in your group will talk about. It is available in sizes S-XXL.

Miura Samurai Polo

The Samurai logo is one of our most popular choices, and this great looking Miura Samurai polo showcases it perfectly. These polos are available in white, blue, and black and in sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Golfers will find that the premium pique mesh fabric is breathable even in the warmest weather. This is considered the Wharton Polo from Black Quail and has a luxurious feel.

The built-in color and mother of pearl placket add those extra details that help this stand out as a premium golf polo. Similar to the way the Miura golf irons stand out against the rest.

Miura Logo Polo

If the micro print golf shirt is a bit bolder than you would typically wear, the classic Miura logo polo will be an excellent choice for you to consider. This shirt is available in navy, black, and white, and it features the traditional M logo with the text Miura underneath the logo.

This is also the Wharton Polo and has tremendous breathability and fabric technology. You will remain comfortable and classy looking throughout your entire round. Looking good and playing well go hand in hand; ask any great player.


The Miura clothing collections are almost always limited runs. If you see something you like, it is worth getting it before it is replaced with another item. These Miura polos from Black Quail are incredibly high quality, have a premium feel and look, and will help you look and play your best on the golf course. The Miura polos do more than just show your love for the Miura brand; they perform when you need them the most.


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