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Miura IC-601 Irons Review

Owning a set of Miura irons is something of a rite of passage for golf gear heads.  At some point, we’ll take the plunge to try a set, whether that...

Miura IC-601 Irons Review


50 Words or Less

The Miura IC-601 irons are an interesting departure from the company’s usual offerings.  Blends traditional Miura with modern distance irons.


Owning a set of Miura irons is something of a rite of passage for golf gear heads.  At some point, we’ll take the plunge to try a set, whether that means finding a steal on eBay or getting properly fit. For some, however, the romance is short lived because the irons don’t match the owner’s ability.  If you’re one of those golfers who wants to play Miura but needs more forgiveness and distance, the IC-601 may be the answer.


The IC-601 is stunning to look down at, simply for how unusual it is.  My eyes went first to the thick, boxy top line.  Miura owns that thick top line rather than beveling it to disguise it like many OEMs now do. What I noticed next was the blade length.  For a game improvement iron, it’s compact from heel to toewhich makes the toe look very tall.  Then there’s the plentiful offset.  As you would expect, it’s shaped in artfully, but there’s still a lot of it. An iron this unique deserves an interesting in the bag look, and it has that, too.  It’s a hollow-body iron, which gives is a traditional silhouette, but the weight in the center is very modern.

Sound & Feel

When you think of Miura, “feel” is the #1 word that comes to mind.  The company is renowned for making irons that feel unlike anything else.  In my opinion, the IC-601 irons don’t measure up to that standard. Let me be clear: these irons feel fine.  They’re not clicky or hard, but they’re not soft and responsive either.  The feedback is reasonable.  The IC-601 suffers because of the inevitable comparisons to irons like the CB 1008 and the MB-001.


Based on appearance, you would guess that the IC-601 irons are the longest and most forgiving irons in the current Miura line up.  You would be correct on both counts.  While it’s not one of the massive SGI irons from the big OEMs, it does a lot to cover up mishits.  As long as you’re picking good targets, small mishits will not cost you greens in regulation. Similarly, these irons produce distances that are somewhere between traditional players irons and the modern, super-strong lofted SGI clubs.  If you want to have the longest 7I in your weekly game, these are not for you.  However, if you’ve lost 5-8 yards over the years and would like them back, these will certainly fit the bill.


The Miura IC-601 shows that the company wants to bring a wider range of players under the Miura umbrella.  These irons have a look and feel that are unique from most of the GI/SGI irons available, but they provide many of the performance benefits.  If you’ve been afraid that Miura irons are “over your head” in the past, the IC-601 is worth a try. Full article can be found here


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