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Miura Golf Offers New Options On It's Most Popular Club Models

Miura Golf - press release posted in American Golfer (Vancouver, B.C.) Miura Golf, the Japanese maker of the world's best forged golf clubs, is ready for spring with enhanced options...

Miura Golf - press release posted in American Golfer (Vancouver, B.C.)

Miura Golf, the Japanese maker of the world's best forged golf clubs, is ready for spring with enhanced options on two of its most successful club models. The K-Grind Wedge: The wedge with the distinctive fluted sole has reinvigorated thousands of short games and provided confident, high-spin exits from countless bunkers. But until now, it had only been available in 56 degrees of loft. Hearing enthusiastic calls from more and more golfers for more and more K, Miura responded. Available now from Miura dealers are 52- and 60-degree K-Grinds in addition to the original 56. "We weren't surprised to find that people wanted more lofts in the K," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "The club has been so versatile in so many kinds of turf, especially with the face laid open. And it just works so well in the sand. Making more lofts in these was something we were happy to do." The 52-degree K-Grind features a bounce of 7 degrees and the 60-degree has a bounce of 13 degrees.

The original K-Grind in the 56-degree loft has a bounce of 12 degrees. The K-Grind Wedges suggested retail price starts at $275 per club, with some custom shaft options costing more. They're available now; consult an authorized Miura dealer/fitter for details. Straight-Neck Passing Point 9003 irons: The Passing Point forged irons, with their ample cavity-back design, brought easy-to-hit, forged feel to many golfers who thought forged was beyond them. But not only were such players happily surprised - even golfers who didn't need a great deal of ball-striking help found the 9003s to be sheer pleasure to hit. With this club's attraction over so many ability levels, Miura also found a lot of players asking for a less-offset look at address.

The Straight-Neck version of the Passing Point 9003s has just 1.3 mm of offset (6-iron), compared with 2.8 mmin the regular model's 6-iron. "Of course, some people need offset to keep from going right, while for others it encourages the ball to go too far left," Barr said. "The Straight-Necks are Miura's recognition that a well-designed, forged cavity back can help a lot of different kinds of golfers - and everyone should have a chance to get that feel, no matter what their trajectory preferences are." The Straight-Neck 9003 also provides a transition design for players whose games may be changing -- for instance, a good ball-striker who doesn't have as much practice time as he would like, but who also might not like seeing too much offset. Or, seen from another point of view, players whose ball-striking has improved so that they need less offset can choose the Straight-Neck if they're not yet ready for a smaller cavity or blade model. Suggested retail for the Straight-Neck Passing Point 9003 irons will be $250 per club, with certain custom shaft options costing more. See a Miura dealer for details and custom fitting. The clubs will be available in April from authorized Miura dealer/fitters.


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