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Miura Golf Alignment Sticks

The new Miura Golf Alignment sticks can help golfers get a pure ball strike to match the incredible feel coming off the face of the Miura golf irons. As with...

The new Miura Golf Alignment sticks can help golfers get a pure ball strike to match the incredible feel coming off the face of the Miura golf irons. As with any accessory we release at Miura, lots of thought and dedication went into the creation of these Miura golf alignment sticks. Let’s take a look at the Miura Alignment sticks and what they have to offer, as well as a few of our favorite ways to use them.

What Are The Miura Golf Alignment Sticks?

Many of the Miura accessories are created through partnerships with some of our favorite brands. The Miura alignment sticks are a product of a collaboration with Hazy Sticks. The idea here was to create something with pure looks and functionality that Miura players need.

The Miura alignment sticks have a golf, black and white coloring, and the Miura logo. The sticks are made with hickory wood and then finished with lacquer and nickel end caps. The finish ensures that the alignment sticks stay in good shape, even for those that practice a lot.

Each order contains two alignment sticks, and they are 45 inches long.

Three Ways To Use the Miura Alignment Sticks

When your new alignment sticks get to your doorstep, you can use them in various ways to help improve your golf game. Some of our favorites include the following:

Putting Track

Alignment sticks do not only need to be used on the driving range; putting green is another area where you can benefit. One of our favorite drills is to put the alignment sticks down so that they create a track.

Take some putts that keep your putter between these tracks. You can work on getting your putting stroke path straightened out but also on better alignment and roll towards the hole.

Feet and Ball Position Alignment

It makes sense to have alignment sticks down during your entire practice session on the driving range. So many golfers have no idea where their feet are in relation to where the golf ball is. Sometimes you slice or hook a shot, and it has everything to do with setup and alignment.

Chipping Practice

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur golfers make in chipping is to incorporate too much wrist hinge at the wrong time. Grip a Miura alignment stick with your club, letting the stick run up past your left hip. Take some practice chipping swings and ensure that the alignment stick never hits the left side of your body. You will strike the ball considerably better.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Miura golf irons, you know that the most prominent appeal of these clubs is the premium feel they offer. Help ensure that each shot feels better than the next by investing in developing your golf swing. Alignment sticks are versatile, effective, and affordable. The Miura golf alignment sticks are available for purchase now; nothing is holding you back from adding this unique accessory to your golf bag.


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