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Miura Clothing Logos: What Are My Options?

In addition to an extensive line of Miura golf clubs, the Miura name can be found on golf bags, shirts, hats, umbrellas, and more. You may have seen that the...

In addition to an extensive line of Miura golf clubs, the Miura name can be found on golf bags, shirts, hats, umbrellas, and more. You may have seen that the Miura clothing options have more than one logo. We have our core products and then some special releases that showcase the impressive logos of Miura. For Miura fans, it’s interesting to know that each of these logos has a unique meaning and representation of the brand.


What Miura Logos Are There To Choose From?

As you search the Miura website for different product offerings, chances are you will come across about four different logos. The samurai logo, setting sun, retro, and of course, the standard Miura Name or Miura M logo.


Samurai Logo

The hand-forged irons that Miura produces are modeled after sword maker Hatton Hanzo. When you look at the forging process that goes into a Miura golf club, it is similar to what was demanded of the samurai sword makers hundreds of years ago.
Each sword needed extreme attention to detail as well as perfection. The same can be said for the Miura irons, wedges and putters.
The samurai logo is a way to honor the history and tradition of the Miura family name. Each set of irons leaving the Miura factory is produced to bring technology and performance, but the making of Miura irons is partly an art form.


Miura Name Logo

The Miura name logo can be seen on our standard polos and hats. Many times this will feature the Miura name and then the large M on another area of the shirt. The standard logo is something easily recognizable.
Choosing to wear a soft good product with the Miura name will quickly help people understand which brand you support.


Setting Sun Logo

Another logo you may have seen on some t-shirts and even golf bags this year was the setting sun logo.
Miura irons are hand forged in our facility in Japan. The factory has been here since the beginning, and it is partly what has made Miura golf clubs so unique and special. Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun because of how far east the country is located.
With the sun rising in the east, Japan gets to see it before any other country in Asia. At Miura, we want golfers to have the perfect equipment to play golf from when the sun rises to when it sets.


Retro Logo

The retro logo can be seen on a few hats and other accessories. If you want a throwback and enjoy a retro style, this is an all-text logo that has a unique look to it.


Final Thoughts

Although the classic Miura logo is recognizable and highly regarded, we enjoy bringing a unique product to the market that will change some of the options that golfers have. Miura golf clothing and accessories are often created with the help of brand partners. Again, we seek out the most premium quality products and ensure that all golfers are satisfied with their selection.


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