Why Looks Matter in Golf Irons?

The goal of a golf iron is to get your approach shot as close to the hole as possible. A combination of materials, grooves, technology, and even shaft specifications all work together to help this happen. However, one of the main features that players look for in a set of golf clubs is how they look. Technically speaking, looks don’t impact performance. Or do they?

At Miura, we firmly believe that the iron's look will impact how a golfer plays with the club. There are several reasons behind this and some performance variations we have seen through the years that impact how a golfer plays the game based on the look of the club.

Visual Perception

The way that your eye looks at a golf iron could be different than the way your golfing partners do. The key is that the way you see the club also impacts what your brain does with this information.

For some golfers, the visual perception is a positive one, where the focus can be on the proper area of the club ball and improve overall results. For others, the visual perception creates confusion or uneasiness that negatively impacts overall performance.

Confidence Building

When an iron looks good, it gives you more confidence.

For better players, this usually means a thinner top-down look with a shorter overall blade length. For golfers that have higher handicaps and need a bit more help getting the ball up in the air or close to the target, the thicker sole tends to be a better solution.

Confidence building can be different from one player to the next; the key is to find an iron that gives you the confidence you need.


One of the reasons that better players like a thin-looking blade is that they feel they can be more precise with a club like this in their hands. Precision can be hard to come by. The club almost always feels more workable when you have a thin blade with a clean top line.

A thicker, clunkier golf iron helps give you some forgiveness out of the rough, but it very rarely allows for precision in getting the ball close to the hole.

Why Miura Irons Focus On Looks?

Miura golf irons focus on both looks and feel. Miura is on a journey to continually design, manufacture and release the best golf irons in the game. Ignoring looks and feel would be ignoring the player and what they need most. The Miura family has always focused on making the most beautiful irons in the game, and that is not going to change.

Final Thoughts

The next time you look down at your golf clubs, try to think about how the club's look impacts the way you play with it. Do you find that your best-looking golf clubs are the ones you choose the most or consider your favorites? Don’t underestimate the role that looks and feel play in the best golf irons on the market.

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