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At Miura, we’re proud of our line of irons: The CB-301, MC-501, and IC-601.

All three varieties have been celebrated by players for years. We found reviews of each of them on various blogs and online publications written by players who also loved their impact, accuracy, and general playability.


The CB-301 is the longest full forged cavity back iron we’ve ever produced, and is intended for a wider range of players thanks to its enhanced forgiveness and distance. It just became available at the beginning of this year, and is tailored for improved performance, giving players a more stable sense of control.

Equip2golf reviewed the new iron, applauding its aesthetic features by stating they “feel that the new look is an improvement.” Specifically, they found that the “clean lines and satin finish make this one of the best looking cavity back irons on the market.” Its shape was tour-inspired.  The reviewer also noted that the iron was “very soft and responsive to a good swing,” with a “nice crisp click at impact.” This ‘click’ adds the satisfaction only found in a truly great iron.

The MC-501 was created to combine the playability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity back. Whereas blades are typically intimidating and used primarily by seasoned players, the MC-501 was developed and forged to give more stability with the same blade impact, giving more confidence to players.

Gryyny.com deemed the MC-501 the “most forgiving blade you’ll ever hit.” The reviewer, Reid Ogata, noted that his “initial test with the MC-501’s immediately put a smile on [his] face.” He appreciated that although the MC-501 is quite wide, it “never played clunky,” and he “marveled at how accurately these clubs hit their distances.”

Finally, the IC-601 was created with an inner-cavity design with the intention of providing greater distances and more forgiveness.

Plugged In Golf reviewed the iron, and noted that “if you’re one of those golfers who wants to play Miura but needs more forgiveness and distance, the IC-601 may be the answer.” They noted that it’s “stunning to look down at,” but its most appealing performance point is how well it “covers up mishits.”  GOLF.com commended the IC-601’s “game-improvement characteristics,” calling it “impressive.” They also noted that its “medium-high launch and predictable spin rates produce good results in regard to both distance and accuracy.”

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