Tour Wedge High Bounce

The Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce is a club that has many of the same features of the Miura Tour Wedge, with some unique functionality that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Miura golf wedges that are made for the best players in the game have an incredible feel and the best accuracy you will find. With the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce wedge, you can round out the technology you have in your wedge set and take control over your short game.

Features and Benefits of Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce

The Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce wedges are tour inspired, and everything about this wedge makes it look and feel premium. The Miura process for creating golf clubs goes above and beyond other manufacturers, and the players will greatly benefit from the attention to detail that Miura provides.


The stock shaft with the Miura Tour Wedge High bounce is the Dynamic Gold; however, golfers can choose from several custom options that fit the needs of their game. The shaft of the club can go through the Miura SST Pure system to ensure that it is aligned exactly in the clubhead for maximum performance.

Premium Material

The clubhead of the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce is a premium soft carbon steel. The satin chrome finish combined with this premium material creates not only a great feeling wedge but also one that looks better than other options on the market.

When you hit shots with the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce, expect to get tremendous control and the ability to work the golf ball.

Wider Sole

The Tour Wedge HB has a wider sole than the traditional Tour Wedge from Miura. The wide sole tapers from toe to heel and allows more bounce along the middle of the sole. Bounce like this can be helpful when hitting bunker shots or when looking for a bit more forgiveness from your wedges.

C Grind

The Tour Wedge HB wedge has added C Grine and camber to help increase the playability. Even though this may be called a Tour Wedge, the HB version has plenty of forgiveness. Golfers will notice relief on the miss-hits from heel to toe and those from front to back.

Who Should Play The Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce?

Golfers that love the style and performance of the Miura Tour Wedges but need a bit of help when it comes to playability and forgiveness will love what the Miura Tour HB has to offer. The Miura Tour HB is also a good wedge for all mid to low handicappers to throw into the mix so that they have a high bounce option for versatility.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you understand what the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce has to offer. For golfers that are serious about precision and accuracy, without giving up feel and forgiveness, the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce will check all the boxes. With the custom specifications available from Miura, you can get this wedge for a wide range of players.

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