LH Wedge Series

Left handed golfers sometimes struggle with finding the right equipment. Many golf manufacturers do not make golf clubs in a left handed version because there are not as many players that need them. However, Miura wanted left handed players to have access to the technology that right handed golfers have. The Miura LH wedge series takes all of the best feel, precision, and accuracy from all of the wedge series and combines them into one great option for left handed players.

Features and Benefits of Miura LH Wedge Series

Left handed golfers can be limited in the wedges they have access to. The Miura LH Wedge series offers a tremendous combination of feel and precision that can help any left handed player have better results around the greens.

Premium Materials

The Miura LH Wedge series are made with a premium Soft Carbon Steel that helps to reduce vibration at impact and make a much cleaner impact for golfers. The Soft Carbon Steel also encourages a beautiful look to the wedge and improves the aesthetics.

Distance Control

One of the most important features of a golf wedge is the ability to control distance. With the Miura LH Wedge series, players can control the distance of the shots they are hitting with ease. Players that can control distance will have a much better feel. The feedback that the Miura LH wedges provide will encourage this impressive control.

Clean Leading Edge

The Miura wedges have a very clean and crisp leading edge and a bounce angle designed to help keep shots as crisp as possible. If you want to hear that perfect click when you make contact with a golf ball, the Miura LH wedge is a perfect option.

Shaft Options

Miura LH Wedge series comes standard with a Dynamic Gold shaft; however there are custom options available for players to consider. The Dynamic Gold Shaft has a good mix of value and performance, and the SST Pure option will ensure that you achieve maximum performance.

Who Should Play With The Miura LH Wedge Series?

The Miura LH Wedge series is a versatile golf wedge that all left handed golfers can play with. Regardless of your handicap, the Miura LH wedges offer a good mix of performance for a golfer that is looking to make a major improvement to their short game.

If you want to achieve both spin and control without sacrificing feel or forgiveness, the Miura LH wedge series is a perfect golf club to consider.


Left handed golfers can struggle when looking for the proper equipment; however, with the Miura LH Wedge Series, all left handed players heaven option for a premium feeling and impressive golf wedge. If you need the ball to stop close to the hole and you want some help approaching the green from all different angles, the Miura LH Wedge series is the best option out there for the left handed player. Take advantage of this technology so that the improvements can be seen in your game.

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