Miura IC-601: Features, Attributes, and Who Should Play

Many golfers have the misconception that Miura makes one blade style iron. This is not the case, as Miura has several different types of irons that it creates to accommodate a variety of players. The Miura IC 601 is a newer release designed to give golfers incredible distance and tighter dispersion. If you have been holding off on Miura irons until your golf game improves, this could be the set that helps you bridge that gap.

Miura IC 601 Features and Benefits

The Miura IC 601 is considered more of a game improvement iron than a blade. This club features technology that can help the mid to higher handicap players get a bit of the taste of what it's like to play with a Miura golf club.

455 Carpenter Steel Face

The 455 carpenter steel face is what helps ensure that players get both distance and feel from the Miura IC 601. This is not a traditional Miura forged blade, so the feel at impact will be slightly different and more forgiving. However, by using the 455 Carpenter Steel Face, golfers will find that they are well rewarded for a shot that strikes the face of the club.

Tighter Dispersion

When you hit a poor shot in golf, a blade style unforgiving iron will make it worse. Missing the center of the clubface on a blade style iron can cost ten to fifteen yards. For the lowest handicap players, this is acceptable and expected. However, for mid to higher handicappers, this would cause some major delays and problems on the course. For tighter dispersion from your iron shots, even the ones that you miss slightly, the Miura IC 601 is a great option to consider.

Thick Top Line

Miura pays very close attention to the look of the irons they produce. The Miura IC 601 has a thicker top line, and the overall look of this iron head is quite large. Certainly larger than we are used to seeing with Miura. However, this larger face and impressive overall look ensure that the club offers confidence-inducing properties for the golfers that need it the most.

Low Center of Gravity

The Miura IC 601 have an inner cavity design that helps ensure they have a low center of gravity and plenty of launch. Although the lofts of the IC 601 are slightly stronger, the lower center of gravity helps increase launch and overall forgiveness.

Who Should Play The Miura IC 601 Irons?

If you have always wanted to play with a Miura iron but have stayed away due to losing a few yards or having a harder time controlling missed shots, the Miura IC 601 is for you. The Miura brand continues to expand and make golf irons and wedges that will work for a wide range of players. You no longer need to shoot par every time you play to justify carrying the Miura brand in your golf bag. Instead, learn the models that Miura offers and find one of the best premium golf irons on the market for your game.

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