Miura Golf Irons: A Family Effort

So many businesses are started by a family. An idea is brought forward, the need for a team effort is apparent, and a vision of shared success is something that many families will thrive on. For the Miura family, it was not just the inception of the business that required this family effort; it has been the single greatest factor in the continued success. Katsuhiro Miura knew there was a place in the golf industry for something hand-crafted, beautiful, and unique. With the help of his two sons, they have changed how the world looks at Japanese forged irons.

Katsuhiro Miura and His Sons

Katsuhiro Miura has two sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka. Growing up, his boys were involved in the day-to-day workings of the Miura factor. Each of the boys went on to become a master craftsman and have a hands-on part in creating each of the irons that Miura has produced through the years.

Learning from perhaps the world's most well-known iron craftsman is undoubtedly a benefit. Getting involved in the family business and learning this craft was a simple decision for the two boys.

Shinei Miura

Katsuhiro Miura considers his golf clubs to have the highest degree of integrity on the market. One of the most interesting things about Katsuhiro is that his interest in craftsmanship goes well beyond the way the club looks and performs, and it touches on how the club feels.

The feeling of the golf club is something that Katsuhiro says he thinks about each time he looks at a new release or concept. Shinei had to learn all of this from his father to be able to work his way up within the family business.

Over time, Shinei realized he was very interested in all the business concepts surrounding Miura. Shinei is the president of Miura Manufacturing and handles much of the business side of things. Of course, when needed, he can head down to the forging chair and put out some of the best craftsmanship you have seen.

Yoshitaka Miura

Yoshitaka is more involved with club-making. Similar to his father, he likes being involved in the action and seeing the products move from start to finish. Yoshitaka takes trips with his father to learn from great players, develop new concepts and see the best direction for the Miura brand.

One of the more interesting things about the Miura family business is that they are not attempting to compete with other companies. In fact, they have no interest in that. The goal has always been to create the best set of irons in the golf world, regardless of competition.


Perhaps what made Katsuhiro Miura so successful was being able to work with his two sons day in and day out. Maybe the three of these men working together on a common goal is what has made the Miura brand stand out from others on the market. This team has a lot to be proud of, and they certainly aren't done.

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