The Miura AS-1

A collaboration like no other

One year ago, Adam Scott set out to find an iron that fit his “Golf DNA,” – a club inspired by the past but built for the modern player. That search ended in Himeji, Japan with Miura.

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There is little wiggle room when it comes to modifying a blade iron, but transitioning from mid to low irons, paired with the look of the iron from toe to heel, was executed perfectly to Adam Scott’s preference.

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Adam Scott grew up playing offset, and despite offset not being as prominent with modern designs, the Miura team was able to decrease the face progression on the irons to his liking.

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Adam Scott was looking for specific traits for the sole design. A sole shape that can perform consistently regardless of the various turf conditions seen on the professional circuit.

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The inspiration for the branding and box design for the Miura and Adam Scott collaboration comes from the aprons worn by the Miura Craftsman at the factory in Japan.

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“I think one of the great things in playing the Miura’s is every time I go out to play or practice, I look down at something that I have been part of creating. But to feel good about looking down at the iron that I really love, and I think that that’s such a huge thing when I head out to the course every day that I love every club in my bag. These Miura irons have made a big difference.”


The AS-1 irons come complete with a commemorative box which displays as much attention to detail with premium quality materials that mirror the irons themselves. Each box also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.