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The Miura KM1 Putter

Each time Miura releases a new club, it means they put together a major development that they are ready to release to the market. The new Miura KM1 has been...

Each time Miura releases a new club, it means they put together a major development that they are ready to release to the market. The new Miura KM1 has been several years on the market, and it has finally made its debut. The new Miura KM1 features many of the same attributes and features that we see from the premium forged Miura irons on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the new Miura KM1 and who should consider using this putter.

Attributes and Features

The Miura KM1 is a blade-style putter designed for a player that cares about premium feel and a consistent roll coming from the club face. Here are a few things that will set the KM1 apart from others on the market.

Deep Milled Face Pattern

The face of the KM1 putter has a deep milled pattern that will help promote a more consistent roll. Golfers that are struggling to keep the club on the proper path or need help eliminating that bump or skid that often happens after a poor putt will like what the KM1 putter has to offer.

Top Down Look

The top down look of the Miura KM1 is a bit more of a rolled top line. The look is not harsh and will be a great choice for the golfer that is interested in a softer, more feel-based approach to putting. In addition, this plumbing neck on the Miura KM1 provides a bit more stability and consistency at impact.

303 Japanese Stainless Steel

The Japenese 303 stainless steel used in the Miura KM1 is about as premium as golf club material can get. The putter is made from one solid piece of stainless steel, and it is CNC milled with extreme precision and attention to detail.

Satin Chrome Finish

The Miura KM1 features a premium satin chrome finish that will help the putter stand out. This is a very clean-looking classic design, and it even has the older Miura logo on it to help it stand out as a unique new option.

Who Should Play With the Miura KM1 Putter?

Now that you have a better idea as to what makes the new Miura KM1 putter special, many players are wondering who this putter will suit best.
br> Miura believes that their blade style putters are for the golf purists who understand precision when on a putting green. It does not matter if your handicap is low or high; if you understand and value all of the elements that go into sinking a twelve foot putt for birdie, the Miura KM1 is the club you need in your hands.

With the custom Cabretta leather grip and the clean, confidence-inducing top-down look, you can really make a difference in your putting game this year by including the KM1 putter.


Hopefully, you can see how this KM1 has solved the dilemma of having a clean and high-performing golf putter to match your Miura forged irons. IF you play quite a bit of golf and need the best feel and performance on the market, the KM1 should be at the top of your list.


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