Where To Try Miura Golf Clubs?

Miura Golf irons and wedges are some of the most world-renowned golf clubs that the game has ever seen. With premium materials, impressive technology, and feel that no other golf club in the industry can provide, it is no wonder Miura golf clubs are on so many players' bucket lists. However, with the limited availability of Miura, it can be hard to find the clubs to try. Luckily we have two great options for you to consider if you want to play with Miura golf irons in 2022.

Miura Fitting Centers Around The World

There are Miura fitting centers around the world, and you can find all of them on the Miura Golf website. These fitting centers are equipped with a trained professional that is well versed in the Miura lineup, understands the details involved in choosing a set of Miura irons, and can help you determine which Miura set is best for your needs.

To find these locations, you can look at a map of your local area and see the nearest location. Many of these fitting centers are smaller and are not large golf warehouses. Contact the fitters directly prior to heading for your fitting; this can help ensure that the clubs you are going to try are available.

Sometimes it can take a few months for a new release to be readily available to try and all fitting centers.

All True Spec Locations

All True Spec fitting locations, including the True Spec mobile fitters, will have Miura golf irons for you to try. True Spec locations have more than 50,000 club head and shaft combinations for golfers. These fitting locations make it easy to compare a wide range of equipment using very high-powered and impressive launch monitors.

True Spec fitting locations are brand agnostic and will not push one brand of golf clubs on any customer. However, it is an option for you to try Miura golf clubs if you are interested. Simply let the fitter know that these clubs have caught your eye, and the technology could be a good fit for your game.

With the True Spec locations, there are plenty of shaft options to ensure that you end up with a complete custom fit that works for you. Miura golf clubs are more expensive because of their premium manufacturing, and it is imperative to get the proper fit.

Why Are Miura Golf Clubs Not Sold Stock?

You have likely noticed that you can't walk into a large golf warehouse and pick up a set of Miura golf irons. This is because the clubs are very advanced in their manufacturing and production, and they are custom made for each player. The Miura golf irons are produced in Japan, and they have some of the tightest tolerances when it comes to manufacturing.

If Miura golf irons are something that you are interested in purchasing, it pays to try them first and to get properly fitted. With more Miura irons coming to market, there are several different club heads that you will not be able to choose between.

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