The Importance Of A Proper Fitting For Miura Irons

The Miura irons are handcrafted using only the finest materials. With decades of experience in the club-making industry, Miura irons, wedges, and putters are known for their feel and precision. Investing in a set of irons is a unique experience that will elevate your golf game in ways that you didn't know were possible. We recommend all Miura golfers have a custom club fitting prior to the purchase of their irons. The club fitting process is essential to find the right equipment and give you the greatest chance of success.


The Line of Miura Golf Irons Has Expanded

The Miura line of golf irons has expanded considerably in the last few years. There are iron choices ranging from cavity back style for high handicappers to players' blades made with professionals in mind.

With the wide range of Miura products, a custom fitting will ensure you are investing in the proper club set makeup. The fitting will also consider the option for a combo set with more forgiveness in the long irons and more precision in the short irons.

Several Miura iron sets blend quite well with each other.


Fitting Will Only Elevate The Performance Of The Iron

The Miura irons offer superior performance on the golf course. However, if your golf club's lie angle or shaft weight is just slightly off, you won't get the full benefit of the Miura irons.

Essentially, this is a bit like wasted performance.

To fully capitalize on the club's performance, the shaft, lie angle, length, and even the grip should be a specific match for your game.

Longevity and Value Are Found After A Proper Golf Club Fitting Buying a set of Miura irons is an investment. For this investment to work for the next 5 to 10 years, it has to be the proper fit. All too many times, golfers rush to put new clubs in their bags, and they, unfortunately, end up repeating the process a year later when they find the clubs are not a good fit.

The Miura irons are crafted with longevity in mind; choose a shaft and club build that will fit you for the next several years.


Truly See The Benefits of What Miura Has To Offer

Miura irons are known for feel and precision, but they also have tremendous distance and forgiveness benefits. To capitalize on what Miura can offer a golfer, a proper club fitting is essential.

Miura irons are not designed to be grabbed off the shelf and put in the bag. In fact, with each club being hand-crafted specifically for your game, you may as well have it made to suit you.


Schedule A Miura Fitting

Miura golf club fittings are available at select locations throughout the United States. Before scheduling your fitting, take a quick look at the iron selector tool on the website to narrow down some of the choices that could work for your game. In addition, learn more about the Miura golf club building process to see why so many golfers have switched to Miura.

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