Miura CB-301: Features, Benefits, Who Should Play

Golfers often assume that Miura golf irons are blade style forged golf clubs; however, this is not the case. Long hitting, forgiving golf irons can also have a tremendous feel. The new CB-301 is a cavity back iron that will change the way you think about Miura and what they are capable of. If the distance is at the top of your list when it comes to golf iron priorities, you may want to keep reading.


Miura CB-301 Features and Benefits

These Miura cavity backs are everything you would expect from one of the best looking and feeling golf iron companies the game of golf has ever come across. The CB-301 is unique in the Miura lineup and brings its own performance benefits to the table.


Longest Forged Cavity Back

Of all the golf irons in the Miura lineup, the Miura CB-301 is the longest. After just a quick glance at the lofts on these golf irons, you can see that they are strong, much stronger than the blades. However, with a repositioned center of gravity, it is still entirely possible for golfers to get a high ball flight and enough spin to stop an iron shot on the green.


Large Sweet Spot

When golfers decide to play with blade-style irons, they are accepting the fact that feel and forgiveness don’t really go hand in hand. However, with the Miura CB-301, the sweet spot is considerably larger than on the Miura blades. The good news is that even with this added forgiveness, the feel and forged iron capabilities are still in place.


Variable Sole

The sole on the CB-301 will vary from one iron to the next. As you move closer to the longer irons, the sole will be a bit thicker, promoting more forgiveness. The shorter irons have a thinner sole that provides more workability and a cleaner feel.

Top-Down Look

In addition, to feel, the look of the iron is something that stands out from Miura. With the Miura CB-301, the top-down look is slightly thicker and a bit more offset than you have come to expect with the Miura blades. This visual for a golfer can help to promote confidence in the ability to launch the ball and improve overall ball flight.

The Miura CB-301 has a slight offset, but it flows beautifully. The feel, precision, and distance without sacrificing forgiveness is a very powerful combination in a golf iron.

Who Should Play The Miura CB 301 Golf Irons?

Now that you have a better understanding of what the Miura CB-301 irons have to offer, it's essential to decide if they are going to help your game. The Miura CB 301 is made for all handicap levels. The lower handicaps that struggle with accuracy and precision in the long irons can see benefit from having a few of the CB 301 in the bag. However, the mid to higher handicaps that want the Miura experience without having to hit a blade will love this forged cavity back golf iron.

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