LH CB-801: Who Should Play?

Left handed golfers have very limited choices when it comes to premium golf irons. Luckily, Miura is changing this with two left handed iron options and several left handed wedge options. The Miura manufacturing process is like any other on the market and has tremendous success across the world. If you are a left handed golfer looking for a cavity back iron with a feel that is much closer to a traditional blade style iron, then we have you covered with the Miura LH CB-801.

Miura LH CB-801 Features and Benefits

Although Miura is not as widely recognized for their cavity back irons as they are their blade style golf club clubs, the Miura LH CB-801 has quite a bit to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits of the Miura CB-801.

More Playable

Notoriously a forged blade style wedge is designed for the lowest handicap players that are accustomed to hitting the ball in the center of the clubface. If you are a golfer that still misses the center from time to time, the Miura LH CB-801 is a great option to consider.

The more forgiving clubface allows players to see good results even on those slightly off-center strikes.

Classic Cavity Back Look

Through the years, cavity back irons have gotten thicker and bulkier, but the Miura LH CB-801 has a more premium and cleaner look for golfers. When you look down at the top line, it is thicker than a Miura blade but still something that will allow for playability.

The sole of the Miura LH CB-801 is a bit wider and will allow for a higher launch when necessary.


A forgiving cavity back iron is helpful when it comes to forgiveness, but at times it can be a bit too forgiving. Golfers need feedback from a golf iron in order to improve their games and become better players. The LH CB-801 gives players enough feedback to know they didn’t hit a great shot and the ability to feel what they need to fix it.

Higher Launch

With so many new golf irons on the market and with decreased lofts, it is important to consider the launch that you can get when you look at a new set. The Miura CB-801 is traditionally lofted, which means you may lose a bit of distance when compared to a game improvement iron. However, the higher launch can improve both accuracy and forgiveness.

Who Should Play The LH CB-801?

Now that you understand what the LH CB-801 has to offer, it's time to consider who should be playing with this iron. The LH CB-801 has traditional lofts with higher launch and plenty of forgiveness. The average golfer is going to be best suited to play with these golf irons, and they come in the 4-PW. If you need to fill in the rest of the clubs in the bag, the LH wedge series from Miura is a good solution.

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