Is SST Shaft Pure Alignment Worth it For Miura Clubs?

Miura golf irons have the best feel and performance on the market. Pure feeling golf shots are something that a golf manufacturer can’t fake, you either have it, or you don’t. So much work goes into creating a Miura iron that is perfectly prepared for player performance. One of the optional features that golfers have is the SST Pure Alignment in the Miura golf shafts. This feature comes at an additional cost, and many players questions whether SST Pure Alignment is worth it for Miura clubs. Let’s take a look at awesome of the details.

What Is SST Pure Alignment?

The thought that all golf shafts or even golf club heads are the same as they come off of a conveyor belt and get packaged for shipment is incorrect. Golf clubs, especially golf shafts, can have minor inconsistencies that affect long-term performance.

Some of these inconsistencies will decrease stability at impact and leave golfers wondering why they feel less control over their iron shots. Golf is an exacting game, and all performance areas should be analyzed and perfected, including shaft orientation and alignment.

SST Pure Alignment checks each golf shaft and recommends the best installation for premium and consistent performance. Having the same shafts and grips on your iron set helps with consistency, and the SST Pure system only adds to that benefit.

Who needs SST Pure Alignment?

The great thing about SST Pure is that it can be done on both steel and graphite golf iron shafts. Players of any level can benefit from this extra insurance that the golf shafts perform to their highest capability.

More than 2 billion dollars has been spent on the PGA Tour by players that have their shafts aligned each week. When professional players change out equipment, they need to make sure it’s the right choice, and SST Pure Alignment gives them confidence that they are eliminating unnecessary variables in their game.

How much does SST Pure Alignment cost in Miura irons?

The cost for SST Pure Alignment in Miura irons is just $30. This fair pricing helps make the decision just a bit easier. Miura recommends the SST Pure Alignment, and it’s why we make the price more affordable for players. The Miura clubheads are manufactured under the tightest tolerances in the game, don’t let shaft imperfections create any inconsistencies.

SST Pure Alignment is done using a special machine that produces accurate results and allows professional fitters to analyze the information and make necessary tweaks. Having your shafts pured before shipping can save you both time and money.

Conclusion: Is SST Pure Alignment Worth It?

SST Pure Alignment comes down to the player, their ability, and their attention to detail. This process has no negatives, as players can only benefit from what SST Pure Alignment can provide. Miura is in a constant pursuit of perfection, and the SST Pure Alignment option will only help you feel as though you have the perfect set of irons in your hands.

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