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What's the Right Miura Golf Wedge for My Game?

Currently, Miura has four wedge options to choose from and determining the right Miura Golf wedge for your game depends on the stability, impact, and playability that you’re looking for. 

A note from Bill Holowaty, Miura Golf COO
I first met Vince by means a phone call a little over 10 years ago. Vince, at that time, was a relatively new professional golfer who had discovered Miura irons while visiting a friend in Florida. The friend had a set of Miura Blades and the look of the irons instantly made Vince curious. After hitting a few shots, he knew he had discovered something special. After searching out a local dealer, Vince was a little disheartened to discover that the price tag for purchasing a set of Miura irons was well beyond his means. Vince made a phone call to Miura Golf and explained to me his experience with Miura clubs. Something in Vince’s voice told me that we were dealing with a quality individual and that resonated with me and everyone working with Miura Golf at the time.

Vince purchased his first set of Miura clubs at PUD and has never looked back. I made a point of following Vince’s career and celebrated his successes (mini tour wins or local qualifying for US Opens) while continuing to support him during the dry spells. In 2009 he played his first Canadian Tour event and went on to earn a regular spot for the next 3 years. In 2012 Vince, like many others, made it to the final stage of what was then a grueling 6 round marathon to secure your playing privileges on the PGA Tour. On the final hole of the 6thround, Vince had a birdie putt to finish in the top 25 and achieve his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, that putt didn’t drop but did provide him with his status and allowed him to move another rung up the ladder. In 2013 he started 18 times on the tour and more than anything, knew he was doing what he was meant to.

Through the years, Vince made a point of staying in touch and reinforced the idea that Miura Golf wanted ambassadors like Vince Covello. Our company has never “paid for play” but we would provide equipment for professionals on the major tours. This has included the likes of Ryan Moore and KJ Choi, both who have won championships using Miura irons. Miura made a decision, that as long as Vince was chasing his dream, we would be there to support him with the worlds’ best-forged irons. Vince found out how tough the competition was on the tour and after getting his feet wet in 2013, Vince found himself back on the Mackenzie Tour in 2014/15. Although not great news at the time, it only served to make Vince realize how much he wanted to get back there and beyond. Which he did.

Fast forward to 2017, Vince had his best year on the tour, finishing in the Top 75 and securing his playing privileges for the following year. After a slow start in 2018, Vince was forced to play 11 events in a row, hoping to earn enough money to again secure his card. He did!!! And that brings us to 2019 and last week. Being healthy and focused, Vince opened up with an 8 under 63 and had the overnight lead after round 1. He texted me after the round and said, “I was so solid, I hit 17/18 greens!! I’ve got this!!” What followed was a 36 hole lead and finally a 3 hole playoff in which all the experiences and practice, over that past 10 years, finally paid off. As a veteran on the tour, you can imagine the popularity of his win. A veteran PGA Tour member told me recently, “There was no doubt about Vinny. I’m pretty hard to impress and I have always been impressed by his ball striking. It’s only the beginning. I am so excited for him.” Vince, a noted club geek, a term we use affectionately, continues to provide input and feedback to the Miura family. Always honest and able to communicate the essence of how his irons were able to perform, Vince told me it was so rewarding to be treated with such respect by the Miura family and how appreciative he was of the equipment he was receiving.

Through the years Vince would test all new Miura models. Some, like the CB 57 became his gamers, but he has always regarded the Baby Blades as his favorite. We’re honored to have Vince on the Miura team and can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in the years to come.  


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