Miura to Offer Mackenzie Golf Bags

Miura Golf, a brand highly regarded for offering state-of-the-art, hand-forged golf clubs, has partnered with equally luxurious Mackenzie Golf Bags. The simple yet elegant full-grain leather golf bags are now offered on Miura’s website, alongside other preferred golf accessories such as apparel, hats, and travel gear.

The Story Behind Mackenzie

Mackenzie Golf Bags were born out of the desire for simplicity on the golf course. When professional golfer Peter Jacobsen was playing golf in 1985 in St. Andrews, his caddie, Rick Mackenzie, noticed the oversized golf bags that the Jacobsens were carting. He moved the necessary contents to a simple leather pencil bag. Noticing how this no-frills, lower maintenance experience brought them ‘closer to the game,’ Mackenzie Walker was born. True to its origin, it boasted just one or two pockets in the first two simple models. 

Today, Mackenzie Walker bags feature the most robust-quality materials (leather, canvas, and nylon) and one simple strap for a lightweight, yet luxurious feel.

Similarities Between Mackenzie and Miura

Mackenzie and Miura make for an aligned partnership because of their equal attention to detail in pursuit of the finer parts of golf. Mackenzie leather bags are made with dozens of individual pieces of the finest full-grain leather, stitched together seamlessly to retain a simplistic look and feel. This is done by hand. 

Miura golf clubs are made with the highest quality carbon steel, hand-crafted with optimal precision per each club’s specifications. 

Both Mackenzie and Miura offer customization capabilities for customers. And both the Mackenzie and Miura products echo tradition and heritage, with one aligned commitment: to improve upon products consistently in the years to come.

Mackenzie Models Offered on Miura’s Site

The following bags will be featured and available for order on Miura’s site. Offered in different materials, each model is the Original Walker, which, true to its name, is reflective of the original Mackenzie design.

  1. The Original Walker in Leather. The Original Walker in Leather is made with the finest full-grain leather: only four percent of the world’s cows make the cut for this determination. 

  1. The Original Walker in Waxed Canvas. Made with waxed-cotton canvas from two of the world’s oldest fabric finishers, this is a bag that’s built for harsh conditions. Snow, rain, sleet, and hail: this bag can handle it.

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