Miura Shaft Options: What To Expect

Miura irons are some of the most highly customizable golf clubs that golfers can buy. Your Miura set of irons is made specifically to your specifications after the order is placed. After using the iron selector tool to determine which Miura golf irons are the best for your game, you also must determine which golf shafts could be a good fit. Let’s take a look at everything you can expect from Miura when it comes to golf shaft options.

What Golf Shafts Does Miura Offer In Their Golf Irons?

At Miura, we have a strong relationship with many shaft manufacturers. We have paired with specific manufacturers to come up with the best lineup of shaft offerings to complement each of Miura's shafts. The current companies offering options in Miura irons include:

  • Accra
  • Aerotech
  • KBS
  • Mitsubishi Chemical
  • Nippon
  • Oban
  • Project X
  • True Temper
  • UST Mamiya
Each of these shafts is available in different materials, weights, and flexes.

What Are The Stock Shafts For Miura Clubs?

Although there are dozens of shaft options for Miura golfers to choose from, many of them have upcharges. All graphite shafts require an upcharge starting at around $30 per golf club and increasing from there.

The stock shaft options include choices from KBS, Project X, and True Temper.

Do Graphite Shafts Have An Upcharge?

Some graphite shafts have a higher upcharge than others, depending on the way they are manufactured and any extra technology that is built into the golf shaft. The increase in price on the graphite shaft is standard across all golf equipment brands.

There are also premium steel shafts that have a slight upcharge, again based on technology and performance.

Is SST Pure Service Available on all Miura Clubs?

The SST Pure Service is available on all Miura golf clubs that are ordered directly through Miura. The SST Pure Service allows golfers the peace of mind that the shaft is not only free from any imperfections but that it is also configured within the club head in the perfect location. The SST Pure Service is an optional upgrade for golfers ordering Miura clubs.

How To Know Which Shaft I Need In My Miura Irons?

One of the best ways to know which golf shaft you need in your Miura irons is to go for a custom club fitting. The club fitting will allow you to test out certain equipment, get some numbers on how you are hitting it, and ultimately put together the perfect lineup of Miura irons. These custom club fittings are available from Miura partners worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Golfers that are very particular about custom clubs and the shaft that they have in their golf irons can rest assured that the Miura lineup of golf shafts is a great fit for their game. With weight, flex, and even feel options for all player preferences, Miura golf clubs truly show players the benefit of what custom golf clubs can do for your game. Feel free to reach out to a Miura representative today if you have questions about any of the shaft offerings and it’s availability in your Miura irons.

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