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Miura PI-401 Irons

Miura has always had a specific place in the golf marketplace. With Miura irons, you know that the feel is going to be second to none. With the attention to...

Miura has always had a specific place in the golf marketplace. With Miura irons, you know that the feel is going to be second to none. With the attention to detail and advanced manufacturing process, PI-401 Irons give players something they have never felt before. The cavity back iron is a new release for Miura. Forged irons and blades are the heart of the business; however, these new PI-401 irons have been turning heads.


Miura PI-401 Irons Overview

The Miura PI-401 irons are a cavity back two-piece construction that breaks the cycle of traditional forged irons from Miura. The average golfers often struggled with the forged irons as they didn't offer the same level of forgiveness. In Miuras constant quest to make the game better for all players, the Miura PI-401 irons were released.



The two primary goals for the Miura PI-401 iron are distance and forgiveness. By creating a cavity back design, the PI-401 irons bring some benefits that are new to the Miura line. 

The wider sole helps to improve launch and create a higher and straighter ball flight. Players that struggle to get distance on their iron shots will be impressed with the speed that the Miura PI-401 irons bring to the table. 



Miura is always very careful about the materials that they use to create their golf clubs. The PI-401 is a two-piece construction with a Premium S35C Carbon Steel face and an 8620 Soft Steel Carbon body. 

The finish of the Miura PI-401 is the traditional satin chrome that we see in most Miura irons. One of the significant differences you will see in the Miura is that the club’s sole is quite wide. With the wider sole, there is more forgiveness from the rough and higher launch.



We know that feel is what separates the Miura irons from the crowd. However, did anyone really think it was possible to get the Miura feel in a cavity back? It turns out with the impressive vision of Shinei Miura; it is absolutely possible. Golfers who have always wanted that Miura feel but didn't think they had the game will enjoy everything about the PI-401 iron. 


Who Should Play Miura PI-401 Irons? 

Understanding the features and benefits of the Miura PI-401 is essential; however, determining whether or not they are the right fit for your game is critical. 

The mid handicapper is going to benefit from the Miura PI-401 the most. However, lower and higher handicappers are also finding some benefits. One of our most exciting concepts with the release of the Miura PI-401 is the opportunity for a combo set. 

Pairing a 4, 5, and 6 iron with the Miura PI-401 with something forged or blade-like in the short irons could be the combination that your game has been waiting for. As is always the case with Miura, if there is a new release on the market, it is because there was a significant advancement in technology. At Miura when we discover something great, we share it with the golfing public to grow the enjoyment of the game.


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