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Milled Tour Wedges

Some golfers are on a quest for distance and forgiveness in their golf clubs, while others want precision and feel. If you are a player that wants only the best...

Some golfers are on a quest for distance and forgiveness in their golf clubs, while others want precision and feel. If you are a player that wants only the best of the best when it comes to the feel of the wedge, then the Miura Tour Wedges are for you. The Miura Milled Tour wedges are the cleanest looking and purest feeling golf wedges on the market. With no shortcuts taken during the manufacturer and a thorough understanding of what the best players in the game need, the Miura Tour Wedges stand out from others.

Miura Tour Wedges: Features and Benefits

Sometimes it is the simplicity of the golf club construction that makes it better. This is the case with the Miura Tour wedges. When you use great materials and a premium manufacturing process with no tolerance for error, the results are impressive.

Legendary Feel

Miura made a name for itself because of the feel that it can incorporate into a golf club. With the hand forging process that the Miura family developed, golfers admit there is truly nothing else like it on the market. Using a Soft Carbon Steel helps to ensure that there is no vibration at impact and that players have full workability with the shots they are trying to hit.

CNC Milling For Face and Grooves

The Miura club building process has not always incorporated CNC milling. However, with the new Tour Wedges, you will find the face and grooves are CNC milled. The thought process here was to try and help give golfers more spin control and better overall performance from their wedges.

These are not the longest wedges on the market; in fact, you could lose a few yards switching to the Tour Wedge, but when you want to control your shots, this is a club that can help. For players that struggle to generate a lot of greenside spin, the Miura Tour wedges will do it for you.

Available Lofts

One of the best things about the current lineup of Miura golf irons and wedges is that players have more flexibility in their club choices than ever before. If you are playing with cavity-back style irons for your long irons and forged irons for the rest of the set, the Milled Tour Wedges will fit in perfectly.

The Miura Tour wedges come in a 48, 58, and 60-degree loft, leaving endless club set makeup choices for a player. In addition, you can always combine your wedge set with some of the K Grind wedges.

Who Should Play The Miura Milled Tour Wedges?

The Miura Milled Tour wedges are best for the golfer that wants precision, feedback, and control. If you struggle to hit the center of the clubface or are looking for something that provides tremendous distance, this may not be the choice for you.

Many lower handicap players find the Milled Tour Wedges to be the perfect fit. However, mid handicappers that are making a commitment to bettering their short game will also find tremendous benefits when switching to the Miura Tour wedges.


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