Miura Custom Ferrule Options Explained

Miura golf irons offer customization that many other brands do not. The Miura irons allow you to choose everything from the shaft to the lie angle to the number of wraps on the grip. However, one of the more unique customizations that players can make is the ferrule. The ferrule is the small part of the golf club that covers the shaft to clubhead connection. Ferrules are typically just black, but as we have seen the Miura brand grow, so have the custom ferrule options that golfers have access to.

Miura Custom Ferrule Options

There are three basic types of Miura custom ferrule options for golfers to choose from, and there will likely be more in the future. These include the standard black, a Miura custom, and then several different black and gold choices from BB&F Co.

Standard Black

The standard black ferrule is the common choice for many golfers as it is what they are used to with other brand manufacturers. The standard black Miura ferrule comes with no up-charge, and for some golfers, this is an option that just makes sense. However, if you are a bit more concerned about the overall look of the club when completed, the Miura custom or BB&F Co ferrules could be a better choice.

Miura Custom

The Miura custom ferrule is also black, but it has the word Miura printed on the ferrule. This is a nice upgrade from the plain black and provides a slightly more premium look to the finished golf club.

BB&F Co Ferrules

The BB&F Co ferrules are for the golfers who are most concerned about how the finished golf iron is going to look both at setup and when sitting in the golf bag. There are currently four different options featuring black, white, and gold. The stripes and the shaping of the ferrule are unique and will really help your clubs stand out from anything else on the market.

Do Custom Miura Ferrules Matter?

In the grand scheme of things, the Miura custom ferrules are more about the look than the overall performance. Miura golf irons are highly customizable, and since this set is going to be made specifically for your needs, it makes sense to get exactly what you want. The Miura ferrule customization is a simple dropdown choice when purchasing your Miura irons and putting together your custom specifications.

How Much Do Miura Custom Ferrules Cost?

The custom ferrule choices from Miura range between $3 and $5 per club. Considering the way this changes the overall look of the club, it is a small investment for a very impactful result.


Miura is still in pursuit of perfection. Each iron that comes to the market feels a bit closer to the perfect golf iron. A custom ferrule is just another way to bridge closer to this impressive performance and clean look that we have come to expect from Miura. If you are going to make the decision to invest in Miura golf irons, choose something that is the exact fit for your game. All Miura irons and wedges offer custom ferrule choices.

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