Introducing the Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce

We recently released a club created for ultimate precision and control. Introducing the Tour Wedge High Bounce: like our iconic Tour Wedge, but with a wider sole, which provides for greater bounce. This club is perfect for tighter lies. Possessing the same sleek and signature Miura style, the modern head shape was forged in our home factory in Himeji with soft carbon steel. This material allows for the soft impact that golfers crave when seeking precision.

Utilizing our
renowned forging process like all of our iconic clubs, the Tour Wedge High Bounce retains the tightest grain structure in the industry while introducing a shape and design handcrafted for pinpoint accuracy and bounce. Ultimate precision is achieved thanks to the wide sole, which tapers from toe to heel, making it easier than ever to align the club with the ball seamlessly on your swing. The wide sole, in tandem with the tour-inspired head shape, allows for a more effective bounce when the middle of the club hits the golf ball. Control of the backspin and side spin is achieved from the CNC milling of the face and grooves, which contributes to the capacity for pinpoint accuracy. With swing, spin, and alignment in your control, you can feel confident in your swing with the Tour Wedge High Bounce. The playability and forgiveness of this club are at their peak thanks to the following features:

  • The added C grind, which provides head and toe relief
  • The camber, which provides front to back relief
The provided relief of the C grind and the camber minimizes any additional force that may be detrimental to the precision of your swing. No detail was overlooked in the creation of the Tour Wedge High Bounce. It’s plated with nickel chrome and finished with satin. Available in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 degrees, the club will match with any of the other Miura iron models, creating the perfect set depending on your needs on the course. The Tour Wedge High Bounce should be used when accuracy and precision is needed, rather than for distance. It’s the careful attention to the design of the head that ensures your accuracy will be unmatched. Find an authorized dealer near you to touch and experience the power of the Tour Wedge High Bounce in person. You’ll experience an unparalleled precision on the course, maximizing your strategy while minimizing your scorecard.

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