How To Use The Miura Iron Selector Tool

Miura has continued to increase the number of irons that they offer their customers. With the Miura Iron selector tool, you will be able to narrow down which Miura irons are best for your game. There are some key features that we have used to help you narrow down which of the Miura irons are going to be best for your game. If you are curious about how to use the Miura Irons Selector Tool, keep reading.

Miura Iron Selector Tool

The Miura Iron Selector Tool is a step by step process that players can take to move through the process of finding the right iron. This process allows you to move forwards, but you can always back up a step if you make a mistake with one of your choices. Here are the things you will need to know when using the tool.


The first step allows golfers to put in their information about being a right handed or left handed player.

Iron Type

The next step allows golfers to choose the iron that works best for their game. The choices are blade, player cavity, forged cavity, and game improvement. The great thing about Miura irons is that they aren’t necessarily tied to a specific handicap. Average golfers can benefit from a wide range of irons, and better players don’t have to feel stuck with just the blade.

Player Preference

Next, you will choose what matters most when it comes to the performance of the iron. The options here are control, distance, or direction. At Miura, we are well aware that you would like a mix of all of these things in a perfect iron set, and each of our clubs can provide that. However, all golfers have a weakness that they would like an iron to help them improve.

Ball Flight

What is your typical ball flight? The Miura Iron Selector tool allows you to choose whether you have a high, medium, or low ball flight. Although the shaft selection will be just as important when determining ball flight, certain Miura heads can help you hit the ball higher or lower.

Turf Conditions

This step of the Miura Iron Selector Tool process encourages players to think about the type of turf they are playing on. Is the ground firm, average or soft. This will have an impact on the spin that you need as well as the sole shape and design of the iron head.

Divot Size

The last part of the process is the divot size. With the divot size, you will put in your information about whether or not your tendency is to take a shallow, deep, or medium-sized divot. This helps to explain your swing path and angle of attack.


The Miura Iron Selector Tool is a unique way to narrow down the growing number of iron choices from Miura. At Miura, we are determined not just to create a golf iron that has perfect feel, balance, and performance but also to help you find the best solution for your golf game.

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