Which Club Dealers are Authorized by Miura?

While Miura offers the ability to order clubs and other gear online, we know that many golfers prefer to try out clubs in person and get a fitting with an authorized dealer.  Miura has hundreds of authorized club dealers around the world. Each club dealer went through an extensive application process in order to be able to sell clubs, and they are qualified to sell our clubs due to their extensive knowledge of each club and fitting processes. We recommend ensuring that a club dealer has been authorized by Miura before purchasing a club from them.

For a full list of our dealers: Visit the ‘Dealers’ tab on our website and nter a city or zip code nearest to you. The map will then zoom in to the area around your city and generate search results in order of proximity to your selection. Survey the search results to see which location is closest to you. On the list, we’ve also included pertinent information to each dealer, such as a phone number, address, and in some cases, the dealers’ website. We also recommend utilizing this feature if you’re traveling and looking for clubs. We are proud to have a global influence, with authorized dealers around Europe, China, Japan and many other countries! Whether you’re traveling for golf or another purpose, it’s a great time to visit a dealer if it’s nearby, hold our clubs in your own hands, and get fitted.  For any and all questions, contact us via phone, on our contact sheet, or by emailing info@miuragolf.com

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