The Miura KM2 Putter

The Miura KM1 and KM2 are the newest releases to the Miura golf putter line. These new putters don't come out often, and they are typically a limited release. Now is the time to learn about and decide which of the Miura putters will be the best for your game. The KM2 has a very classic looking blade style club face that stands out from other golf putter options on the market. Let's take a more detailed look at everything the Miura KM2 offers.

Miura KM2 Features and Attributes

Everything about the new KM2 putter screams precision, accuracy, and feel. If you know your golf game is ready for a putter that will reward you for a great golf stroke, the Miura KM2 is an excellent option to consider.

Top Down Look

The top down look sets the Miura KM2 apart from the KM1. When at the address position, you will notice that the KM2 has a flatter and more narrow top down look. This is guaranteed to help the golfer that cares about that squared-off profile at impact. If you see lines on the putting green and like to try and hit your putts on those lines, the KM2 is an excellent option to consider.

303 Stainless Steel

Some may say that feel is what sets Miura apart as a brand. The same buttery feel that you can get from the irons is pushed into the wedges and the putters that Miura produces. This is done partly because of the premium materials and the extensive manufacturing process. The Miura KM2 is manufactured under the tightest tolerances and made for players that expect only the best.

Satin Chrome Finish

The new Miura KM2 features a premium satin chrome finish. When this putter finishes its CNC milling process, it is polished and finished off to create a very impressive finished piece. You will notice the older Miura logo imprinted on the back of the clubface. Overall, this putter's look, feel, and sound are all premium.

Who Should Play The Miura KM2 Putter?

The Miura KM2 putter is a classic looking blade-style putter with impressive overall features. The great thing about this classic-looking club is that it can work for both low and mid-handicap players.

If you like a very squared-off, straightforward look on the putting green, the Miura KM2 is an excellent choice. In addition, if you want a putter that promotes a high MOI while still giving you that premium feel, the Miura KM2 will get the job done.


Those that know the Miura brand tend to get excited about any new release that comes to the market. With the KM2, players are getting a beautifully crafted timeless putter that will last for years to come. This model is available in a few different lengths, and it comes with a premium Cabretta leather grip, unlike anything else on the market. If you have not already considered the benefits of switching to a Miura putter this year, now is the time!

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