Retro MB-101 Irons: Everything To Know

At Miura, releases of new equipment come only when necessary. When we feel as though there has been a change in technology or performance that warrants a new release, it will be introduced to the market. The latest option for golfers is the new Miura Retro MB-101 irons. For those who have always enjoyed MB-101, there is nothing to be concerned about; the performance is still entirely the same. However, with a few slight tweaks and a new look, this new Miura Retro MB-101 iron is a unique option that the best players in the game now have to consider.

Miura Retro MB-101 Irons Features and Benefits

The Miura MB-101 iron is an iconic golf club that has undergone several design tweaks since its release to the market. Miura has been producing blade style golf irons with some of the most impressive forged feel since 1957. One of the things that helps the Miura Retro MB-101 irons stand out is its original logo, a throwback to the history of Miura. 

Limited Edition

The Miura Retro MB-101 irons are a limited edition release. When these sets are sold out, no others will be made. If you are interested in this logo that will match the new KM putter, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Subtle Refinements

Truly there is not much to change about the Miura MB-101 irons. Instead, subtle refinements were made to the sole of the club. The result is slightly better turf interaction, something the best players in the game will notice. In addition, face thickness has been optimized to increase the feel and feedback you get from your golf irons.

Material and Finish

The Miura Retro MB-101 irons are made with the most premium Japanese S20C Soft Carbon Steel. At Miura, we take great pride in sourcing our products from the best possible suppliers and inspecting them throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and a premium feel. The satin chrome finish helps the Miura Retro MB-101 stand out as a premium and classic-looking blade iron.

Traditional Lofts

With a pitching wedge loft of 47 degrees, the Miura Retro MB-101 irons are designed to perform more like a traditional set of irons. Golfers switching from game improvement may notice a slight loss in the distance, but it shouldn’t be looked at like this.

For a great ball striker, the 47 degree Miura Retro MB-101 iron will go just as far as another 47-degree golf iron that is well struck. Keep this in mind as you consider distances and club set makeup. Remember, the Miura Retro MB-101 irons are only sold in 3-PW.


At Miura, we are just as excited about the future as the past. The clubs produced through the years still hold up today as some of the best in the industry. With these small tweaks and an appeal to a more modern golfer, Miura will continue to set the bar for what premium feels like in the game of golf.

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