LH TB-901: Who Should Play?

For left handed golfers, it can be quite difficult to find a set of really high quality golf irons. When you look for forged golf irons with premium performance, there are very few options on the market. Luckily Miura saw the need for these golf irons and the gap in the market and decided to fill it with the LH TB-901 irons. These are a beautifully constructed blade style iron for the left handed player that will improve overall shot making ability, increase feel, and make it easier to shoot the low scores that you want to shoot.

Features and Benefits of the LH TB-901

The LH TB-901 is a blade style iron with a modified toe profile that allows players to square of the club at impact and have a tremendous feel. If you are a lower handicap player looking for the ultimate performance an iron can give, the LH TB-901 can do the trick.

Minimum Offset

The LH TB-901 is a very clean-looking blade with little offset. For golfers that like to hit a slight draw or a fade, the very minimal offset allows for plenty of playability. Golfers will find that the small amount of offset makes it a bit more difficult to get higher levels of forgiveness, but this is not quite as difficult to hit as a pure blade iron.

More Weight In The Club Head

The clubhead of the LH TB-901 is a bit heavier than that of the Miura MB 101 (the right-handed counterpart), and this can make it easier to square the clubface up at impact. In addition, the sole is just a bit wider, which really helps for increased launch and some extra forgiveness out of the rough.

Premium Soft Carbon Steel

Miura only uses the best material in golf club manufacturing, and the LH TB-901 is no exception. With these golf irons, you will feel it if you make a mistake, exactly what Miura tried to produce for the left handed player. This type of feedback makes it easier to make changes to your game and improve overall scores.

Thin Top Line

The LH TB-901 has a thin top line that helps the club look like a premium players club. The thinner topline is standard for Miura but something that can be hard for left-handed players to find. With the Miura LH TB-901 in your hands, expect the confidence that only a blade iron can give a player.

Who Should Play LH TB 901?

The lowest handicap left-handed players who are willing to sacrifice a bit of forgiveness to get that premium Miura look and feel will love what the LH TB 901 has to offer. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level and have had trouble finding a premier golf club for left-handed players, the Miura LH TB-901 will check all the boxes. Miura offers a wide range of shaft options and the SST pure service to ensure that these are a perfect fit for your game.

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