Introducing the Miura K-Grind Wedge 2.0

When the most stable wedge is needed, Miura’s K-Grind Wedge 2.0 should be your choice.

Regardless of playing conditions, the K-Grind Wedge is among the most stable and powerful of all Miura wedges. Modeled after the original 1957 K-Grind Wedge, the 2.0 features the same classic “knuckles” for maximum stability and impact, with a modern twist.

The head of the club is complete with a fluted sole. These three knuckles gave the Original K-Grind wedge its power and reputation, and the 2.0 is back with modern day grinding and milling techniques. At the Miura factory in Himeji, we are consistently updating and refining our techniques to ensure each club is at its maximum potential.

The combination of the Original wedge’s classic stability and the 2.0 Wedge’s modern updates provides for a powerful swing, smooth as butter thanks to the iconic soft carbon steel. You don’t have to sacrifice stability for power, or power for softness.
While the knuckles on the clubhead are certainly aesthetically pleasing, their ultimate purpose serves the playability of the club. The squareness of the club is designed for refined impact, and the flutes abed the impact by ensuring that regardless of playing conditions, any twisting is reduced and the club glides through sand or other turf. The 2.0 also boasts improvements to the sole design, offering greater bounce and roll. Increased spin on both intermediate and full shots is accessible from the milling of the face and the grooves. The following is a summary of the K-Grind Wedge 2.0’s features:

  • Heel and toe relief to absorb extraneous impact
  • The same classic stability with a modern-day twist
  • A strong squareness, aided by the classic knuckles for better control in all playing conditions regardless of turg
  • Fully milled face and grooves
  • Added bounce due to the modernized sole grind
If you’ve enjoyed the ‘Original,’ visit an authorized dealer near you to try the 2.0. You’ll feel the increased spin and stability provided by the refined clubhead. And, if you’re searching for a club with greater stability in all turf conditions, the K-Grind Wedge 2.0 is your pick. Swing with impact while retaining control, and experience the palpable power of a hand-forged, detail-oriented club, designed specifically for strength and security. The K-Grind Wedge 2.0 was plated with nickel chrome, finished with satin, and is available in 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

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