Shinei Miura is an instrumental figure in creating one of the most recognized golf equipment companies in the world. A leader, a designer, and most importantly a son, Shinei has carried the Miura family legacy well into the 21st century.


After graduating from a two-year college, Shinei joins Sumix Corporation in Osaka, Japan where he gains valuable experience plating metals. This experience will serve him well as Miura Giken becomes a world leader in the manufacturing of forged irons.


Shinei joins the Miura Giken team and immediately assumes a leadership role in the forging division. At this time, Miura Giken introduces a line of irons that bear the Miura family name. Shinei is responsible for overseeing the initial stages this manufacturing process.


At only 25 years of age, Shinei’s responsibilities expand to include production management for Miura Giken. In addition to managing Miura Giken’s manufacturing process, he begins developing OEM relationships with the industry’s top equipment companies.


Through their OEM relationships, the Miura kyodai (brothers) begin working closely with the top PGA professionals. Although the players have challenging requests, Shinei and Yoshitaka produce equipment that meets the professionals’ high standards. The Miura way is a great success.


Shinei develops a global model under the new Miura Golf brand. In researching golfers’ preferences in Japan and internationally, Shinei is able to understand different playing conditions around the world and how they impact design.


After years spent with his father learning how club design influences performance, Shinei introduces his first solo design—the MG Collection CB-1006. The success of this iron allows Miura-san to recognize his son’s evolution as a club designer. He appoints Shinei to oversee the development and design of all Miura Giken and Miura Golf irons.


Miura-san steps down as President and becomes Chairman of Miura Giken. In his first act as Chairman, Miura-san makes a unique and progressive decision to name his second son, Shinei, as President. While the eldest son traditionally assumes the role in Japanese culture, Miura-san recognizes his sons’ strengths and determines Shinei is best suited for the position. Yoshitaka will oversee all aspects of the manufacturing process, working closely with Shinei on design. This decision speaks to the confidence Miura-san has in both of his sons.


Miura Giken improves on its formidable reputation as a leading equipment company. Using the latest advancements in manufacturing, Shinei expands the Miura Golf collection with the Passing Point line. This includes the PP-9003, a premium midsized iron with an offset and wider sole.


Shinei adds a no offset version of the PP-9003, the PP-9003 SN. Using this Miura Golf iron, Ryan Moore wins on the PGA Tour. This is the first professional win for the Miura kyodai.


Visiting factories outside Japan, Shinei begins R & D with the hopes of establishing manufacturing partnerships for new design concepts. Through these partnerships, Miura Giken is able to incorporate their renowned forging process with state-of-the-art casting technologies. Additionally, Shinei is able to produce designs that improve performance using 455 carpenter steel.


Shinei introduces the PP-9005 Genesis iron. Made of 455 carpenter steel, this club is the longest and most forgiving iron ever manufactured by Miura Giken.


With new investment in Miura Golf, Shinei begins to consolidate Miura into a leading global brand.