Miura TC 201: Features, Benefits, Who Should Play

Miura is most well known for the blade or muscle back type golf irons. This is partly because of the feel Miura can incorporate through its forging process. However, Miura is expanding their product offering and making golf clubs more forgiving, and creating clubs for every golfer. The TC-201 is a player's iron, but it is the perfect alternative for those who are on the fence about the MB-101. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Miura TC 201 and all of the features and benefits.


Miura TC 201 Features and Benefits

Golfers should know that the Miura TC 201 is still considered a player's iron; it has minimal offset and muscle back performance. However, a few key differences from the MB-101 can incorporate a bit more forgiveness.


Progressive Weighting

The Miura TC 201 has a progressive weighting in the sole of the club. This progressive weighting will lower the center of gravity, especially in the longer irons. One of the major hold-ups for golfers that are interested in switching to blades is the long irons. With the TC 201, you get the extra help where you need it the most.


Trajectory Control

With the progressive weighting design, golfers can control the ball flight in the shorter irons. The TC-201 feel very similar to the muscle back blades in the shorter irons. For those that want to keep the height of the shot a bit more controlled, the TC-201 will allow that to happen.


Material & Feel

Miura TC 201 irons are made from premium soft carbon steel. When you hit the center of the club head, you will notice that the feel is pure, just like a blade style iron. When the center of the clubface is missed, there is a good mix of feedback and forgiveness. Expect spin rates to be very consistent from the Miura TC 201, even on the missed hits. As far as distance is concerned, the Miura TC 201’s forgiveness can help it be slightly longer than the MB 101 at times.


Who Should Play The Miura TC 201?

The Miura TC 201 offers almost all the benefits of a muscle back, combined with some of the benefits of a cavity back iron. If you find yourself in a position where you are not sure you are ready for blade irons, but the cavity back doesn’t have the control you need, the TC 201 is the solution.

Golfers that have had the most success with the Miura TC 201 are the mid to low handicap players that can value and appreciate feel and workability, and still want a bit of feedback from their golf irons. After all, this feedback is what leads us to be better players.

Miura offers a wide range of customization for their irons so shaft selection and custom fitting options will not be a concern.


The Miura TC 201 gives the mid to low handicap players the performance they need without sacrificing distance and forgiveness. If you want the experience of a Miura without the demands of being a blade golfer, the Miura TC 201 will suit your game perfectly.

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