5 Gift Ideas For The Golfer That Loves Miura


When choosing our gift ideas, we made sure to keep the budget in mind. In addition, not all golfers are due for a new set of irons, but anyone can benefit from some Miura accessories! 

Miura Premium Lite Stand Bag

The Miura Premium Lite Stand bag is the Vessel VLX Golf Bag with the Miura logo on it. At Miura, we often partner with some of the best names in the game to bring you accessories that will support your Miura golf clubs. 

This tour grade golf bag is made with synthetic leather. It has carbon fiber legs, a four-way top, and the ability to wipe clean when needed. The total weight on the bag is just 4.65 pounds, so it works well for those who like to walk the golf course. 

Stealth and sturdy are two great ways to describe this bag. 

Miura Setting Sun Backpack 

The Miura Setting Sun Backpack came about with a collaboration between Jones and Miura. Whether you travel back and forth to the course or want to take a road trip, the backpack is very functional. 

The large capacity can work for hiking, and there is also room for a laptop in an interior padded sleeve. With two zippered pockets and a water bottle sleeve, this is a unique gift any Miura fan will appreciate. 

Miura MC-502 Irons 

The Miura MC-502 irons take the MC-501 irons and make them even better. The MC-502 is the latest release from Miura, and it has really hit the ground running. The design of this club was to help improve forgiveness and performance while still performing like a player's golf club. 

The MC-502 has minimal offset and a softer, more rounded top line. As with all golf clubs from Miura, you can also expect that premium, forged feel in each of the shots that you take. 

This is a bit more of an involved gift for your Miura fan, and you will need some information about their golf game to order the proper set. However, this one will certainly stand out when it comes to wow factor and impact. 

Miura Golf Glove

The Miura Golf Glove is an affordable yet high-quality accessory for a Miura fan. This is a premium Cabretta leather golf glove with optimal fit and feel. In addition, the Miura golf glove is lightweight and breathable and features the ever-popular Samurai logo. 

Miura KM2 Putter

Last but not least is the Miura KM2 putter. The KM2 is a classic putter with a milled design made from the most premium Japanese Stainless Steel. All the performance benefits of a blade-style putter with a narrow top line and plumbing neck can be seen in this impressive KM2. 

From a gift-giving perspective, it is often easier to purchase a putter than a set of irons because of the specifications. 

Miura has you covered all year long when it comes to a variety of gifts at all different prices. Don't miss out on some of these unique options this year. 

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