A Guide to Miura for Left Handed Players

A Guide to Miura for Left Handed Players
As a left-handed player, it can be challenging to find a club that fits your needs. Below you will find a brief description of our left handed offerings.

  1. TB-901
Our TB-901 was designed as a tournament blade. This iron was carefully designed for the ultimate impact, thanks to a slight shift in weight from toe to heel. Forged with Miura’s iconic forging process, the TB-901 is as sleek as it is efficient with a “Y” Grind and extensive variations of lofts, lie angles, and models depending on your exact specifications. 

  1. CB-801
The Y-Grind inherent in the CB-801 and TB-901 is distinctive. Forged by Yoshitaka Miura himself, the CB-801 incorporates subtle changes to the club head to control more impact. This Y-Grind is most easily noticeable on the sole and leading edge. The CB-801 pairs perfectly with the TB-901 for a combo set. 

  1. Wedge
The LH Wedge Series includes loft angles of 52, 56, and 60 degrees, and is particularly regarded for its distance control. As with most of our clubs, you can build your own wedge on our website according to your exact measurements.

  1. Putter
Finally, Miura’s KM-006 is available in both Black Boron and Satin. This putter includes a highly esteemed rolled top line and tapered heel: a design choice that not only bolsters the putter aesthetically, but also provides ease in aligning the putter with the ball. This putter delivers excellent control for your putt’s accuracy every time, while also providing a forgiveness to force that’s been exhibited.  All four clubs work seamlessly together for a variety of your golf needs.

To learn more about each of these clubs and determine which is best for you, survey our
club collection on the Miura website or try one out for yourself by visiting an authorized dealer near you.